14-11-19 Twins: Front Yard

Thursday 14th November 2019

Erroll is home and I’m so chilled. Zero stress and 100% enjoyment of these two sweethearts who are babbling alot nowadays. Elektra likes to say ‘ta’ and Keanu most definitely says ‘ba-bah’.

When Elektra and I woke (at midday, mind), Erroll was out. He was walking Keanu in the fantastic Quinny Buzz Min gave us as a pressie. Yesterday he napped in it twice, that’s how comfy it is.

Slowly the babies are coming round to Sydney routines after a solid week of jetlag. Today both napped γιαγιά successful in putting Keanu down in his beloved bassinet, Elektra as usual in my bed, on boob.

Summer is here alright: sunshine and sweet jasmine in the air. While Linus is at school we’re in the front yard the babies eating avocado and banana followed by yoghurt. In the warm glow of afternoon we’re on the back verandah eating lamb broccoli carrot and pasta playing with mobiles and chatting away.

These are the best of times.