30-08-19 Twins: Next Door Saviour

Friday 30th August 2019

My reply to a friend asking after me…

Hi Lena what an insane afternoon and night this is. Am by myself holding inconsolable Keanu who NEEDS TO SLEEP but prefers cuddles and so I stick a bottle in his mouth in the hope he will pass out due to milk. Elektra bloody woke up from a nap too soon and wants cuddles and to dance. Kingsley badgering me to play; he becomes upset and confused each time I leave his side.

As the clock struck 6pm and all three kids remained awake my anxiety rose. All alone with three cuties who need attention as Erroll is flying and γιαγιά is in Greece. It is crazy when Elektra won’t countenance being put down yet Keanu is crying to be picked up.

White flag is unfurled: I make that phone call to Brigitte next door. Help! I’m out of my depth with 3! She comes over swoops Keanu into her arms and I’m relieved of imminent danger to self !

Brigitte is repayed with a Tupperware full of κουλουράκια while my patience is rewarded with three sleeping children.