06-08-20 Twins: Centennial Park

Thursday 6th August 2020

So crisp and fresh today blue skies and not even a breeze, but what we’re given is the perfect winter’s day. So out we take the babies for a drive while sleeping beauty Elektra is passed out and madman Keanu head bangs in the back seat.

At Centennial Park Elektra wakes just in time to watch the equestrian training. Both babies point fat fingers and oooh with round mouths at the galloping steeds. But sitting in their carriage isn’t satisfying when an empty football field is underfoot. Leaning out with his whole body Keanu wants out and straight to the bumpy ball he runs. Kicks it non stop too!

Elektra is more interested in wandering about barefoot and in fact sans nappy to get fresh air on her bum. She is a cuddly girl today in my lap sitting as we watch Keanu slide backward on his knees over the grass till he is greeted by a family of Greeks. And with their smiles and hallos, he lifts his arm, cups his hand and waves to them, muttering under πιπίλα-clenched teeth “για!”. Yia sou little one!