01-04-18 Church for Păschxa

Sunday 1st April 2018

Erroll’s letter to me…

I am in Colombo,Sri lanka safe & sound.
I just woke from my slumber to see emails from you.
WOW-You look stunning in the orange one piece I love how you say for my eye’s only!
You and our Ninni are glowing before going back to work when we left our little man with Jinky.

Exactly 4 years ago

Just a reminder sweet pea tomorrow can you get the Australian Passport photos done and make an appointment at the post office in Coogee because I am sure they fill up for Monday the 9th of April or Tuesday the 10th the latest as the passport can take up to two weeks to be processed.I will bring with me K’s original birth certificate and citizenship certificate and passport application form.Also please check with your neighbour if they can be a guarantor.

Taking the 374 bus service to Taylor Square for church

As for Tati’s flight back to Dubai from Sydney it leaves at 6 am on the 27th of April and mine leaves at 4 pm on the 26th of April.Let me know what you would like me to change the flight for you,K and Jai-Jai Dora.
Let me know when you will be home tomorrow by email and I will give you a call.

Giving it up for Jesus on Easter Sunday at Agia Sophia

Tomorrow I will be paying the internet and my phone bill that I just received then organise a good conduct certificate/police clearance letter for me and fill out cutoms forms for the shipping company and pay them a deposit.They will be coming over onWednesday morning to collect them.

Lighting ALL the candles non stop

Now off for a jog on this sunny day here.
Much Love,Husband.xxxx😘