22-09-20 Kingsley: Bohaus

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

I’m the most fortunate mumma at CPS getting to walk Linus to school and pick him up…and be treated to hot chocolate and cupcakes by Jesse and his mum Kavita.

At the school gate Kingsley as usual forgets to greet me but asks whether we’re going to the zip line. ‘yes’ I say catching Kingsley unawares. Immediately he alerts Jesse that we’re ‘all’ going to the zipline. This sets off a chain of reactions between Jesse and Kavita, Jesse and Kingsley, Me and Kavita then finally Kingsley and Kavita all of us deep in dialogue as to how we can all enjoy an hour together today, right now, when the Kosmiders have no intention of going to the zip line. And so Kavita invites us to afternoon tea, at Bohaus.

Cupcakes and hot chocolate, the boys lap up, share with the babies then because the sugar hits them hard both boys begin chasing each other around the delicate Cafe. Alarmed the barista can only look on, having dropped already a most covetous cupcake due to nervousness of having these two wild 6 year olds stomping their feet and unable to choose which cupcake exactly their tastes desire.