28-09-18 Home from School

Friday 28th September 2018

Well according to the weatherman there’s a cyclone – ‘Xenophon’ – along the Saronic Gulf and its causing all sorts of wild winds strong enough to engage our local school district into issuing out another circular that school is canceled today.

So Linus and I stay home, do craft, play with matches, and eat alot for the second day running. I’ve loved it! He’s great company! I’m a grumpy mole every now and again (due to heavy bump and not much fitting other than these tracksuit pants) but very quickly snap back into chirpy mumma. We’re enjoying each other.

The morning began fantastically, and at a sensible hour: 8:15 we’re out of bed. What a good sleeper with 12 hours under your belt after we read ‘Aladdin and the Lamp’ last night. Breakfast is your usual: a banana then apple then a ham & cheese toastie. You eye off my Berocca and I give in; you love the fizzy taste of vitamins more than anything you tell me.

More than icecream? Er, may I have icecream? Yeah why not. So we mooch about watching telly, eating icecream, playing on the balcony with plasticine and go for a shop. Today you really want erasers. And why not.