02-02-18 Oz Day 12

Friday 2nd February 2018

Hi my love! Hi Oma!!

When you off to Perth? I’m glad for your working hours but boo its not Sydney. Rest assured Dora is feeding us like we are athletes. Ha ha! Today it was boiked chicken & rice. Yesterday it was lentil soup. Day before prawn pilaf. Every day eggs for lunch. Did you eat what your mum gave you? Did you have muffins? I know you love them.

Here is our Friday morning in the back yard. Dorothĕa the Cat is our constant companion. Linus feeds her packets of fish. They’re mates. She no longer scratches him in order to tell him to piss off and he no longer provokes her.

Tina I still get so much pleasure from this simple sheer top. And Kingsley of course wont get out of his Mr. Cool t-shirt. For two hours this morning in our back yard we 1) played cricket, 2) rode bikes, 3) ate bananas and 4) fed the cat.

We’ve had a southerly cool front for 3 days so Sydney is celebrating. We were at Coogee Pavillion this arvo with a friend Amanda then the beach till we hit the playground next to Coogee Oval. Its like a kiddie disco in there. All preschoolers going nuts and no one wants to go home till it becomes dark then us parents just pack up and threaten to leave the kiddos behind. Kingsley made immediate contact with these two local kids – Amy and Tom – the instant we walked in the playground. Their imagination astounded me: they played ‘fire’ using leaves and twigs as the firemen’s water canons to put out the ‘fires’. Here they are on top of their fire engine…