29-04-17 Glifăda Day 2

Saturday 29th April 2017

Its the start of a three-day long weekend and Athenians are flocking to the seaside. The heat of Summer is definitely creeping into the now of Spring and we’re all in beach gear. I thought to scram from the everyday of Saronītha and escape to Glyfăda with Kingsley, as I did yesterday by myself and loved every minute there.

After a very Med breakfast of kalamata olives, feta from Epirus, dry rusks from Crete and pink apples from Thessaloniki we’re on the bus en route to Glyfăda via the scenic coast.

Kingsley I must admit is a great travel companion especially since we’ve unplugged the telly. He is no longer out of control, unable to concentrate and best of all shows compassion and kindness toward other kids the evidence of which was today when we actually enjoyed two play grounds! And not one push or shove. In fact I was engaged by many mums and dads wanting to praise my son on how nicely he plays.

Its been but three days without the television on so I can’t be sure of what is real, permanent and positive a change in Kingsley but I like what I see already.

Checking out the coastline on our 45 minute journey

For all his brute strength Kingsley is a lover

Arrived in sunny seaside Glyfăda