08-07-19 Twins: Outings

Monday 8th July 2019

Kingsley and Erroll have finally reached Nashville. It may have taken a day and a half to get there as they got stranded in L.A for 13 hours but they’ve made it and already swimming in the pool with Pa-Paw. Meanwhile I take the two scamps out but of course it’s separately. Firstly Keanu whose bassinet becomes my Woolies bag…


Then my curiosity gets the better of me so I drop in to the Community centre at Randwick to weigh him. Our gumdrop is solid and chunky, healthy and not yet sick. Weighing in at 6.8kg without clothes our 5.5 month old is on track.

6.8 kg (without clothes on)

We return home, bedtime Keanu doesn’t even fight! He’s down for the arvo with the help of the ultimate  trance tune us mummas know about: Weightless by Marconi Union. He’s out in moments. Now the little lady gets she what she wants: a bus ride and a long walk home…