15-01-20 Kingsley: Art Studio Maroubra

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Wednesday today which means art studio class with Anouk. Theme of art class is monsters. From 9am through to 3pm a bunch of primary school kids will draw with charcoal and mould with clay. Forllunch they’ll walk across Marine Parade to play musical statues while eating babybel and squeezy yoghurt.

The idea was to take Linus to jiu-jitsu after art however he was having none of it. I want to go for a swim! He was adamant. And by wearing me down the child got what he wanted: an afternoon at our nrw favourite place in the East, Mahin Pool.

Here Linus finds Bax who teaches our boy the mysteries of North Maroubra, caves, rock faces, cliffs and making sandstone. Mahon Pool is teeming with kids, dive bombers like Kingsley are welcome! I catch Kingsley swimming freestyle, the champ.