Friday in February: 1 year at Home

12th February 2016

We enjoyed such a glorious day out today. Nothing was too much trouble. Mumaá, Babaá and NiNii all together as a family after over a week apart (thanks to a very long layover in the Antipodes for Erroll), meant getting out of the house as a triumvirate for the first time in a while.


First stop was to visit our friends at my new hair salon for some Valentines nibbles and a baby party among the mummies. Erroll of course prefers the company of Kingsley and the other dads rather than us excitable women eating lollies and cake inside among the tubes hair color and bottles of nail varnish. He stays outside the salon, in the foyer of Skygardens, which was formerly known as Fendi House, and of course is furnished incredibly from ceiling to floor in Fendi furniture. I kid you not.


Having eaten enough pastries, we leave the splendor of lounging over Fendi furniture (still can’t believe Dubai, after all this time living here). Erroll walks us some way to our next destination: a long meander about a hidden gem of a community nestled between Business Bay and DIFC – Za’abeel. Here we feed camels and a friendly donkey shoots and leaves from unknown trees sprouting nearby…

Za'abeel Vets have their camels, donkey, goats and sheep out for locals to pet

Deliriously tired, thirsty, hungry yet happy, we mosey home for a dinner of salmon fillet and vegemite toast, then a soak in our deep bath before lights out for this little adventurer…