17-07-20 Kingsley: Meeting Mumma’s Best Friend

Friday 17th July 2020

This afternoon as soon as tennis camp ended for the week Kingsley got to meet Mumma’s best friend from Year 7, Kylie Farrington. And what a pleasant exchange it was! At the door Kingsley greeting her with ‘Hallo Kylie’ then wraps his arms around her. She tousles his hair. And he smiles, liking her already. So much so that afew minutes later he ask Kylie to ‘come see my room’. Wasting no time Kylie follows our big boy in, and he proudly shows her his treasures.

Most coveted is the poo, ‘his name is Mr. Hanky’ Kingsley takes it off the shelf. Showing it off – how it stretches without breaking – she duly nods. We all crack up. Later exhausted from all the pleasantries Kings retreats to my room for Netflix.