Day 19: Friends in the Know

Saturday 5th March 2016

Today was busy…and this is a welcome thing when in the early stages of the nerve-inducing two week wait (2ww, for those in IVF circles). In nine days a nurse will draw blood, the lab will test for pregnancy hormones, and I will turn numb/crazed during the next day or two waiting for results. But this is a looooomg ways away, for even today I agonize over every mild tickle or cramp (or are they just imaginary?) deep in my lower abdomen. I have nine more days of this fresh hell before me.

Therefore any diversion is a step away from focusing solely on our clinging embaby. And today there were plenty: a most pleasant breakfast with old friend Lena at our local cafe, Shakespeare, followed by a blissful session of acupuncture at the steady hands of Dr. Liang who each time we meet smiles with her entire face and wishes with all her heart (and so very vocally, and mainly in Mandarin) that her good works on my uterus will result in another baby. A metro commute home sitting in comfort and able to read a magazine Erroll brought back from Hong Kong, completes a half day without Kingsley glued to my leg. Bliss!

My afternoon however is dedicate to family and friends, good Aussie ones in fact whom we have developed close bonds with over the past five years and never tire of seeing: the Badawis. We all meet at 4:30pm at Emirates Hills Golf Club for a late afternoon food and music festival and allow all three toddlers to run barefoot through the grass, rocking out to live music and throwing themselves at strewn beanbags till dark.

The vibe was convivial and it felt right that we tell Roy and Jodie that we are currently undergoing IVF. It just so happen the lads went off to buys drinks, while us girls stayed in the chirren’s soft play area with the three kidlets. Separately we told our buddies, with me doing my usual show-n-tell, lifting my blouse to expose a punctured, bruised and band-aid covered muffin top to Jodie: the evidence of endless injections.

So now our friends are in the know, and it feels right. Here’s to updating them in a fortnight on whether this champ will receive a sibling…

This could be any day of any week of any month: Kingsley receives a bath for every poo he produces.

This could be any day of any week of any month: Kingsley receives a bath for every poo he produces.