09-07-16 Mummá Time

Saturday 9th July 2016

After a night like we experienced last night, I had made up my mind to do something for me today: take Erroll’s offer up and get my alarming hair attended to while he is not flying and can look after Kingsley.

We were up three times during the course of the night what with Kingsley unable to breathe due to a stuffy nose, then dry cough, restlessness and irritability, then what every parent wants at 3am – a good heave of vomiting, all over our bedroom floor and out into the hall.

Erroll himself nearly threw up (he can’t stand baby spew) but held it together as I went about cleaning up the mess in an autobot fashion, changing the child, and finally administering saline spritz up Kingsley’s nostrils so he could breathe again and bloody well go back to sleep, all the while wrestling him to hold still as he resisted the spray.

At one point, Erroll was roped in to demonstrate how harmless the spray is because Kingsley’s cries were becoming distressing as I restrained him and approached his nose with the little purple canister. So up went the saline…and wouldn’t you know, Erroll himself breathed a little clearer! We laughed albeit weakly at this, a moment of jollies during the dark haze of parenting.

Such intense broken sleep wrecked me this morning but I got to sleep in as the boys played in the lounge. Thank you husband. But when I finally rose and looked in the mirror I really didn’t like what stared back at me: a large amount of grey roots. A lot of it. Was I sane to expose the Dubai public (and my lush husband) to this sight? Time to get restored. And I did.

This evening as the boys played at Satwa Basketball Park, I headed to Allure at Skygardens and after two and a half hours in the therapist’s chair, fell back in love with myself. Mummá time well spent in my books!

With Hagob my Dubai hairdresser

With Hagob my Dubai hairdresser