26-07-20 Kingsley: Isaac Playdate

Sunday 26th July 2020

Today the house was tipped upside down as Kingsley & school buddy Isaac has a Playdate from 10am till 6pm. I literally hoovered 5 times. My eyes kept twitching from crumbs and food everywhere. The babies loved the high velocity play but IMPOSSIBLE to put to sleep tonight. That’s how wired they were from the craziness.

Erroll overheard Kingsley say to Isaac. You can play with all my toys. We’re friends and friends care.

Isaac loves trains, Kingsley doesn’t bother much with the 3 (no less!) sets he’s been given, but together they build intricate networks. Every floor surface was converted into train stations.

Erroll was completely done with the chaos and quite frankly both boys showing their insolent attitude all day but he melted while on a drive tonight boys in the back enjoying their Cornetto: Isaac turns to Erroll and says “I had a lovely day with you today. Thank you.”