Anavyssos (Ανάβυσσος)

June 2018

Its a glorious summer’s day, the child is in preschool and I’m enjoying a rare vacation day with Erroll. We decide to explore the magnificent cove of Anavyssos through to Palàīa Fokaia, a stretch of sandy, pebbly beach saturated in sun with million dollar views of rocky uninhabited islands.

We counted at least 6 beach clubs on our adventure and one exclusive beach resort that called out for us to investigate, take a swim at and enjoy a cold Μήθος beer.

Ανάβυσσος is a town of the municipality Σαρωνίδα (where we reside this vacation). Just over 6000 inhabitants call it home though in the summer these numbers swell.

This is due in part to its excellent location along what is known as the Athenian Riviera. So close to the action: Anavyssos is situated near the Saronic Gulf coast, at the foot of the Olympos hill (487 m). It is 2 km north of Palaia Fokaia (and its quaint fishing village where we every now and then purchase freshly caught fish), 4 km east of Saronida (and served from there by the 123 bus service), 10 km west of the port of Lavrio and 34 km southeast of Athens city centre. The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is but a ten minute drive.

Here is the level of glorious we achieved today exploring Anavyssos just the two of us…