Kingsley: Visiting Koa & Leo

Saturday 9th August 2014

Kingsley visits the newest Dubai baby: Koa Badawi, little brother to his mate Leo who was the height of good manners and a great playmate when the Hartleys came a calling today…

badawis 005

“Kingsley 07-12-13” tattooed on Erroll’s left arm – on our way to visit the Badawis

YAY! Visits!!

YAY! Visits!!

We finally arrive at the Badawi villa in The Springs, and guess who answers the door…

badawis 026

Leo greets us at the door

badawis 028

What is going on here??!!

badawis 029

Roy rumbles King

badawis 030

Singsong time

badawis 032

Hey Kingsley, check out my toys

badawis 033

Leo is the most gracious host, allowing Kingsley to play with all his toys

badawis 034

Loving mateship hugs

badawis 038

Baby Koa – one week of age – sleeps on his Baba

badawis 043

Thomas the Tank

badawis 048

Dinnertime, and what a treat: in front of the telly. Watching…

badawis 049


badawis 050

…while the men sink beers.


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