09-11-17 Sent Home Sick

Thursday 9th November 2017

For the second time in 3 months of school Kingsley is sent home sick. He’s poorly, ear aches and is crying. The kid never cries. We head over to preschool with medicine and Kleenex tissues in my handbag.

Miss Xrisoūla met Erroll and I at the front door; he’d vomited she said. Was quietly sobbing and clutching his cheek all morning, and didn’t eat his class breakfast (a first!). She had him out of her classroom seated at a wee round table drawing by himself when the child spotted us and came for cuddles; said he felt poorly and wanted to go home.

Poor darling didn’t know who to hug first – me or his Ba-Bāh. Just cried some. Miss Sophia heard his yelps as I attempted to administer his ear drops, came out of her office hugged him tight, whispered her magic in his ear, soothed him enough with her power principal queen voice and even administered his ear drops. She said the soldiers were taking over in his ears to kick out the bacteria. The soldiers had come to fight his microbes. He nodded and complied with all her wishes (quieten down so we can talk – child was quiet; tilt your head this way then that – child tilted; wait till the medicine goes all the way in – child was still).

His ear ache was definitely due to yesterday’s stormy road trip to the gusty port of Lavrio. Cold wet wind in both ears then jumping in puddles sopping wet feet did the trick.

Well tonight the soldiers are fighting the bugs and you are courageously taking yoir medicines and daddy even suggested ear muffs for our next chilly experience.