02-01-20 Kingsley: Artarmon Reserve

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Another dsy another get together with friends. This time we see Miss Meli and her pals Nicki & Pete in Surry Hills for breakfast. While us adults talk about new years eve you explore 9 yesr old Jasmin’s loft which is full of games and toys. Hands down the winning game is a retro Arcade style device loaded with 100 games. You play and slurp on a mango cheek, hug Mel and demonstrate politeness and manners till the very end when we leave you ask ‘mumma, are we going to another party?’ Darling you are most certainly my son.

We don’t head to another party but we do hit your favourite playground, Artarmon Reserve. Here you find one lot of kids – 3 siblings in fact – slide down the slippery slide on mats, smash into each other and laugh.

They go home and the next lot of kids arrive. Straight up you introduce yourself: ‘hi, my name is Kingsley’ and ask to play. Immediately all 6 of you are running barefoot making up games. One kiddo has a water pistol. His role is to spray you all as you slide down. I allot points and you’re adding and subtracting like maths tutors.

I’m so proud of you making friends and sharing your imagination with them.