02-06-18 Daddy’s Here

Saturday 2nd June 2018

2nd day of the northern summer and so much is going on!

Firstly ERROLL ARRIVES TONIGHT! Second, JiaJia Dora had kiddie duties for half the day as I enjoyed my time in the nation’s capital. Thirdly Dorötheos made new friends in an instant this arvo at the beach: brothers named Nichölaos & Alexandros.

Fourth, the kiddo is now expert at catching sea urchins on his net; catching, storing in a bucket of sea water, then releasing. Fifth, Dorötheos held a tiny silver fish in his fat wee hand and didn’t squirm.

Sixth, he allowed without any fuss his JiaJia to pat him to sleep tonight. Seventh, the sleepy surprise of having his Ba-Bāh in the house was priceless (and worth the child waking up): father and son, right now at 10pm, are fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Today at the tidal rockpools of Saronītha with new friends…