04-01-20 Kingsley: Playdate with Victor

Monday 4th January 2021

As with all mornings we begin with reading, albeit sweet non chapter books. Still, Kingsley is powering through all the books in our collection with the aim of putting away all books he’s read into the bookshelf so that he begins Year 2 with a clear bedside to pile up his chapter books.

Elektra enjoys sitting by him whether reading or playing daft games on the phone. She’s so loyal and calls him non stop ‘Ninii, NINII!’.

By 10:30am all phones are down as Victor comes to play for the day. The lads drink chocolate milk, then learn magic tricks. Well only one and that is to ribbon fan out a pack of cards ask a volunteer to choose a card avd miraculously call that card! All 3 of us learn this trick! So proud! But then the boys need a new sensation so it’s to Γιαγιά room to read Dogman! I’m incredibly proud again!

Next the lads are downstairs to play with slime each boy receiving a new tube of golden slime, the babies in awe. I leave the big boys to it their hands completely covered in the crap.

My attempt to put the babies to nap fails but all isn’t lost; the big boys are at LEGO something Kingsley isn’t a huge fan of but Victor sure is. I note Kingsley in awe of his buddy constructing complex vehicles and rockets before his very eyes.

Jiu-jitsu in the summer storm we make it to Bondi Junction the first day of new health orders: anyone over 12 must wear a mask in enclosed spaces. Mumma wears a mask sweating and glasses fogging up, in the bus, at Westfields and in Coles.