26-11-18 Enoch the Emu

Monday 26th November 2018

Its neen a favourite book for a year now; “Enoch the Emu” by Gordon Winch. Given to Kingsley by my Sanofi pal Janet Bourke on a sunny morning in Rushcutters Bay, the child insists on being read it by his daddy. Most nights. He especially enjoys hearing how the mother emu became cranky with the father emu for going out to the club when the baby emu eggs were in the nest. He likes hearing how the mother emu insists that her husband stay home to look after the eggs so that she can get some time to herself!

Janet came over today. She of course resd Kingsley the book and he was all ears…

Later on in the day the glorious weather drives us out of the house and onto the green at Coogee Oval.