03-06-20 Kingsley: MOLARS

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Well what do you know? Our 6 year old is teething! I would never have guessed. For the past 4 days Linus has been complaining of sore head, face, mouth, gums, teeth. He can’t / won’t eat, swallow, chew. Breakfast is now a matter of soft eggs; no toast, no apples, nothing hard. Lunches come home untouched. He reckons his teeth are paining him, so off we go to the team at Dental Pediatrix.

Our 10am appointment goes so well. In fact the entire morning and day goes better than I envisioned. I’m out the door at 9:05am pushing the babies in the Valco, wearing Kingsley’s school bag and singing sunshine songs as we trudge up Alison Road for the 353 bus stop. Here Linus spots a Roosters supporter and of course we must take a photo for μπαμπά.

Its been a long while now and still the good feeling of being early doesn’t get old. We’re on time for Kingsley’s dental examination so he has time to contemplate the artwork on the walls, search the toothbrushes on the murals (11) and consider which present he’ll choose from the cabinet.

Diagnosis: 1) teething (molar eruptions), 2) wobbly teeth at the top, 3) ulcers on palate adjacent to teeth (viral infection). He gets teeth cleaned, chooses his pressie and we head out for school.