Kingsley: Preschool in Greece

April 2017

Now that Kingsley’s Greek and English are coming along excellently Erroll and I agreed to enrol him in preschool…in Greece! Just for the few weeks we are in Saronītha this Spring and just to test his resilience among a classroom of little people all cueing to get the teacher’s attention.

By 7:55am JiaJia Dora, Kingsley and I were downstairs on the pavement and walking toward the little yellow school bus. Mr Mixăli the driver and pretty Miss Xristīna the teacher attendant welcomed Kingsley in the bus, strapped him in and with me at the front of the bus we all waved at JiaJia who promised to cook hot oven wedges for an after school treat.

Here is Kingsley’s preschool-in-Greece diary…

Day 1 Wednesday 5th April

JiaJia Dora dropping Kingsley off for the school run

Battling it out for the other kid’s book

In the playground with another class (ditched his own Miss Joanna’s class)

Day 1 after school: passed out for a two hour afternoon nap

Final day at preschool being sent home with a bag full of gifts from his teachers and fellow students

The morning of Kingsley’s final day at school

Little mate made on the school run

Keen as mustard to get on the school bus

Easter at school

Excited to go to school

Always excited to attend school

Not even a kiss to Mumma before throwing himself on the bus

Mumma joins Mr. Mixali for a school run

Home time at 3:30

Spotting JiaJia Dora

With his Minions school back pack

Running onto the sxoliko

Mr. Cool waiting for Mr. Mixali and his sxoliko