26-04-17 Prospan

Wednesday 26th April, 6:30 wake up

Previously in the life of Kingsley I could not get him to sleep before 10 or 11pm. These days we’re tucked warmly under the fleecy blanket by 6:30 and enjoying REM by 7. Apart from a snotty nose requiring tissues and a cough which needed a dose of PROSPAN to settle (thank you Erroll for the bottle) Kingsley enjoyed 11 hours sleep.

Waking at 6:20 he’s asking what we are up to today (preschool with Miss Ioānna and Mr. Mixăli’s school bus ride) then its breakfast. An apple, half a banana and a piece of crusty toast hurriedly chewed on as we race for the bus.

As usual Kingsley throws himself onboard without sparing a kiss for me. Enjoy your day darling! I’m off for a hike up a mountain.

Wednesday morning hump day