23-08-19 Twins: Great Uncle John Passes

Friday 23rd August 2019

Our babies are 7 months of age and so bonny! Robust bodies and clever minds,  strong constitutions and an immunity which to date has withstood assault.


Today’s outing is not so pleasant but in reality is beautiful. Burying their great uncle John at Waverley cemetery, the day is sunny and warm, no chill in the air the babies are surrounded by the Dutchie side.

Miraculously Erroll and I get out of the house on time, both babies fed and changed, and sleeping once in their Maxi Cosi car seats. Once out in the fresh air blue eyes open and to the happy faces peering down on them they smile. Erroll’s cousin Daniel feeds Elektra, while Keanu patiently awaits his turn for food (mashed banana and Greek yoghurt) when the party arrives at the Charing Cross Hotel. This is possible only because Elektra falls asleep!