21-09-17 Panagīa

Thursday 21st September 2017

For after school activity we trek up to our church, St Marys (in Greek Panagīa). Our timing was perfect as Păter Anastāsios was driving up with his wife at the wheel, about to open the church for the community’s afternoon contemplation with God. We didn’t know this of course as we came up the church driveway; I just figured the trek to see our church would be enough of an arvo’s entertainment. With wildly high energy levels and a jolly mood, its in my best interest to tire Kingsley out before dinner and sleepytimes. So to church we go…

Inside church I am more than certain that the Holy Spirit overcomes Kingsley for his quiet and mindfulness while stepping through, stopping at the icons, asking to kiss them, surprises me and delights our priest. Never has this kiddo been so still. I beam.

Our priest goes through his holy procedures to ready the church for its visitors – decanting oil, lighting candles, popping on his vestments. As he does so we chat. He tells me that we’re the same age; that his two kids are both in highschool; that long ago as a family they turned their back on hectic Athens and settled right here in this seaside village, and that his parish of Panagīa is truly his home.