07-11-20 Twins: Big Boys Playdate

Saturday 7th November 2020

I wake in a crappy cranky mood. Receiving 4 hours sleep is not enough to even put on a smile nor for eyes to work properly. And today will be a big day for Kingsley has two buddies over after tennis. Knowing he never eats when friends are over, he gets force fed three eggs, a bowl of pasta, glass of milk, avd a banana before rolling out the door with daddy for tennis. I keep Keanu.

And when Kingsley returns home at 11, I take Elektra for the hour and grocery shop. She’s still obsessed over hand sanitiser; the instant we enter Wooli she knows exactly where the dispenser is, points and with ‘μαμά ΜΑΜΆ’ intimates for me to fetch it for her. Of course I do. And with Elektra enjoying dispensing 600 ml of sanitiser all over her lap I shop in Peace.

At home with the boys playing she joins their Bulla icecream session down stairs. Kingsley takes Keanu who sleeps all the way to Booralee Park. Here he climbs and slides. Plenty of energy as he ate half of an avocado smothered in garlic for breakfast.