03-07-20 Kingsley: Walking to School

Friday 3 July 2020

I’m in the deep end today what with Erroll leaving very early for the airport and Kingsley having to be at school for 9am I’m a machine feeding changing clothing and preparing for the three kiddies all before 8am. Γιαγιά Dora kindly keeps Keanu so little Miss E accompanies Kingsley and I on our merry way. I find this time with Kingsley so precious: laughing and strolling to school, singing and telling jokes. He wants to push the pram, I’m nervous because of cars and because ages ago he knocked over the pram sending one of the babies (I forget which) hurtling to the pavement. Still we get along so well and as promised I deliver him to school with enough time to capture these two siblings at their best