07-03-19 Kingsley: 24 Hour Bug

Thursday 7th March 2019

I literally didn’t see Kingsley past 7am today. He came in to greet me good morning, both bebĕs kicking off with cries of starvation and as his usual practice the child coming in to check on me his mamma then on his loud baby siblings.

Then I didn’t see him again. You see I hand over Elektra to mum then deal with Keanu while Erroll takes on Kingsley for his morning routine. Today’s routine is a little different as the child is recovering from a 24 hour stomach bug so wants Berocca for breakfast. Fair enough; I wouldn’t want a big glass of milk afyer yesterday’s horror vomit sessions.

Kingsley is feeling so much better that asks Erroll to take him to Jiu-jitsu. Here he resumes the noble pursuit of his next stripe. How? By demonstrating discipline and skill. Here is today’s posture check…