13-08-20 Kingsley: Haunted House

Thursday 13th August 2020

My favourite part of the day is collecting Kingsley from school (or dropping him there of a morning). We each get some moments to stroll, not really talk much but its an opportunity to be present for him. I know not to force him to eat much especially not in front of other, older students (too embarrassing). So this arvo while Erroll paints the apartment the babies and I await their big brother at the Byron Street gates along with Kavita, Jesse, Michelle and Teah.

Next Friday is a Playdate with Jesse (tomorrow is with Lachie) and we agree to take Teah for her birthday activity one Saturday perhaps to Little Ginger Studio. Now off we trot home bypassing Woolies (I just want to go home mum, he begs). I do his bidding – he’s so bored of shopping – so he’s is a jolly mood and we sing all the way up Brook Street till he has to do a wee. The haunted house of Coogee gets the proceeds of his full bladder.

Now Kingsley can go eat with Γιαγιά a plate full of πιλάφι then dominate at jiu-jitsu. And dominate he does, a new boy in his class forward flipping him judo styles. Erroll proud and Sensei Mike astounded.