02-09-20 Twins: Sleep

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Every night, this happens! Milk bottles snuggled up together my chunky wontons in bed, then deep into the twilight zone they fall asleep.

I’ve taken to putting the twins to sleep simultaneously, and together. There’s no other way when Erroll isn’t home or when Kingsley has homework to be overseen. I was completely daunted by having to do this as all 3 have a lengthy hour long sleep ritual which is soothing, binding and meditative, and I couldn’t see a way of conducting 3 such hour long rituals synchronously.

But I put my big girl pants on and have made what I truly believed would be impossible, possible. And that is to sleep both babies without any tears or tantrums and give Kingsley the support he needs to read, write and do maths. So Erroll takes Linus, doing spelling words together, reading and snuggling in bed. I get the wontons in my bed Keanu with his pillow propped up, Elektra between my mega head resting on my belly. She is one him percent asleep before he is; he is one hundred percent unable to wind down without worming about and finding his comfy spot after an entire hour of restlessness (and me muttering under my breath “SHHHH!! NANI!!”.