Have you ever seen such magnificent limbs? Tensile; the power source of the steed which are used to distribute the weight off the front quarters when the horse is in motion. These are the hind quarters. Ahh, that favourite of body part…

Learning to ride a horse is a science. Yes, we look pretty sitting atop a 17 hand creature, however the art of riding comes from bringing balance to the two beings riding as one.

It’s  important to be able understand how to correctly engage the hindquarters for maximum efficiency of gaits without bringing about undue stress to the horse. Stress can come from:

  • Asking the horse to do more with their hindquarters than their structure will allow.
  • Not asking a horse to use itself enough (or correctly) to maintain proper balance.
  • Asking a horse to use itself incorrectly for it’s specific structure.

Giddy Up.

KODAK DX6490 f/2.8; Exposure 1/250sec

KODAK DX6490 f/2.8; Exposure 1/250sec

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