04-05-17 Paleă Fökaia

Thursday 4th May 2017

To get my mind from going insane with worry I take myself for a day trip to gorgeous wee seaside Paleă Fökaia. Even though this fishing village is serene and pretty my crazy brain wants only to turn its attention to that tiny sac. Is it empty? Where are you little baby? Were you even there in the first place?

The only things I can do from this endless fretting is to walk, and look at beautiful things. Well there are plenty of wonderous sights in Paleă Fökaia – the boats, the harbour, the fishermen bringing in their nets, the exquisite church dedicated to Saint Irene whose name day falls today. I visit church and say many prayers for a baby to grow.

Of course the original champ Kingsley is front and centre of my brain and even though I wring my hands with worry for the unknown developing inside of me, its Kingsley’s welfare I’m actually doing something positive about. I buy him three interactive books from the markets just below Saint Irene’s church steps and plan to surprise him after our souvlāki at the taverna tonight.

In fact before Palaiā Fökaia I was in a meeting with Miss Sophia at Kingsley’s school to receive his progress report. For since today marks one week without telly I am curious how, if at all, his behaviour has altered in the context of the classroom. Well here is some welcome news: he has come leaps and bounds! Concentrating during a lesson and listening to Miss Ioānna! At least my heart is glad of this…