26-07-20 Twins: Isaac Over

Sunday 26th July 2020

A treat for me upon waking: Elektra sleeping in, snuggling into my neck and content to stay in bed till 8:45am. Its how I remember my survival mornings with Kingsley at the same age: Kingsley staying in bed asleep under my arm for as long as I was sleeping he’d remain. And so with Elektra today. Which reminds me Erroll says the same about Keanu: he’s happy to stay snuggled onto Erroll’s arm for as long as Erroll remains in bed do does Keanu.

But this serenity doesn’t last long. Isaac arrives at 10am and for the next 8 hours he and Kingsley bring the house down. Toys and games everywhere! The babies are wild to play with the big boys and wherever I leave a baby with the boys a few minutes later I hear CRASH…then high pitched crying. Always tears. At one point Elektra brought down the entire butler tray upon her head as she attempted to set herself free from the play table.

Both babies are literally impossible to set to nap during the day and sleep at night. At wits end I send Erroll off to drive the babies to nap. Keanu does but for the very first time every Elektra doesn’t take a nap. And don’t I pay the price for it tonight when at 6 we retire to the bedroom. An hour later of alternating between loving and sweet with stern and yelling NANI!! The child finally passes out. As Keanu does to.