15-06-19 Keanu: Bath

Saturday 15th June 2019

Keanu is so snuggly especially in the mornings and especially when he wakes next to me sleeping for hours beforehand on the white Emirates business class pillow I procured from one of my many flights in 2018.

Elektra got lots of attention from her γιαγιά all night, and away from me sleeps for long stretches something Kingsley never did. She gets plenty of attention today from daddy as well who decides to wear her at jiu-jitsu leaving me indulging in two hours of just Keanu & I (most of which time he’s playing in the bath).

Keanu’s suck is getting stronger now that I dedicate nights to him. At one point it was very weak due to all the bottles we would feed him (that sister of his Elektra making all the noise for boob). Now the infant is stout and healthy and today’s water play gets me teary: he attempts to catch the water!