05-12-18 St. Spyridon

Wednesday 5th December 2018

A very welcome surprise: Pipi comes round. Linus’ cousin has arrived in Sydney from Melbourne and today we’re off to church. I’ve made an impromptu decision to accompany mum and Pipi to St. Spyridon for the funeral of mum’s old friend.

Linus is so excited to go to church! But even moreso to be with Pipi who’s side he doesn’t depart from. Close second is finding candles to light when there.

At home after 1pm we’re hungry and ready to play. The child eats with gusto: chicken schnitzel, salsa pasta, bananas, apples, almonds and baked potatoes. At one point he asks me what the time is ‘almost 7:30’ I reply. Oh! Its soon time for Still Standing, he hollers running to JiaJia in the kitchen.

And of course these two cuddle up to watch their favourite game show before I yell ‘shower time!’