13-11-19 Keanu: Quinny Buzz

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Really feeling awful for this little guy who is experiencing too much trouble having day naps ever since arriving home. Is it the jetlag causing him to skip and fight the nap? Teething pain? Dunno but my heart aches for him.

Today we try something new: the Quinny Buzz pram Min gave us. In I pop the boy and snuggling he lays not a peep: Keanu likes the Quinny! We pick Kingsley up from school and hallelujah! Keanu fall asleep. I insist Kingsley keeps away so that the kiddo gets a decent number 1 nap.

Then the delight of watching Keanu nap again! We’re in Bondi Junction at this stage, Kingsley in Jiu-jitsu, the luxe pineapple motif quilt blocking light. My baby had finally tested during the day!

And what a difference two day naps  makes: happy, smiling, content, relaxed and HUNGRY. Those bottles get filled with blueberry Filmjolk then down the hatch.