Kingsley: Basketball

15th December 2014: Chicago, USA

It is official: our boy has spoken his first word…and it is basketball!! Well, not quite the three syllable word has been uttered but a very accurate derivative: Bassball. Yes! Kingsley has learned, repeated and thrilled at his new found lexicon, the first word in which was Mum-Mum, the second Nani-Nani, the third fos (being Greek for ‘light’), the fourth being ball, and now that special word – and Erroll’s all time favourite – bassball!

It is no wonder, however, that the child has learned to say bassball when his father shows him non stop NBA games on the IPAD and especially since we’ve been in the USA, basketball games are televised day and night on ESPN. We even made the pilgrimage to Niketown where the boys shot some hoops…

Tennessee 061 Tennessee 063 Tennessee 115 Tennessee 124 Tennessee 161

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