25-07-17 Dinner with the Borgs

Tuesday 25th July 2017

While I was playing hair model for a mate of mine here in Dubai, Kingsley was being entertained at the dreadfully bright and colourful, overpriced Modhesh World at Trade Centre. Erroll took him while I was my hair was being restored to its former glorious past. From 1:30pm till 7:15pm I was busy being rejuvenated, not a care in the world, not even for what to made for dinner. For tonight after months of travels and newborns, bestie friends the Hartley-Borgs finally go out to eat. We dine buffet at The Dusit Thani literally 300 meters from home.

Over dinner of chicken, crackers and a breadroll and after enjoying unfettered access to Zack & Quack Kingsley lent over to wee 6 month old Mikayla and planted a kiss on her mouth. Impromptu and loving, tender and genuine. Four adults fell in a heap from this displace of sweetness. Our gorgeous kiddies allowing us four to enjoy each other’s company for the first time in six months. Bless them!