34 Weeks: French Brasserie


When in Paris, one must ensure to take leisurely lunch at any of the myriad wicker-chaired brasseries that line each and every cobbled street and magnificent boulevard of this fine city. And lunch we did, Kym and I, only this week, while I vacationed there to celebrate Seahorse turning 34 weeks.

Old pal residing in Paris: Kym. Visits during October 2013

Old pal residing in Paris: Kym. Visits during October 2013

To mark the occasion I pulled out my beloved white woolen beret, and made a purchase to wear with it: a black, cable-knit cape. Yes, cape! I had never before worn a cape however on this trip to France, to visit my friend, I could not think of anything more fitting to wear than the ensemble of black cape, skinny black jean, stripy shirt topped off with a jaunty cap.

Kym is naturally stylish and has a casual elegance about her. You know the type: shiny flowing hair, suitable make up, all round glow. It was time that this Dubai mumma-to-be stepped up to the fashion plate. For I was now dining in gay Paris! 


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