17-07-17 Dr. Nour for Eyes

Tuesday 17th July 2017

Consider for a moment that Kingsley’s eyes have never been tested. Can he see clearly? Is he able to discern minuscule differences in shapes and things or even read letters? Today we found out the health of his eyes with a two hour visit at the clinic of ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Nour. Here from the hours of 11:40 am through to 2:30 pm Kingsley’s peepers were tested, prodded, dilated and infused with stinging drops. At first Dr. Nour’s Optometrist put Kingsley’s eyes to the test: reading ever decreasing letters of the alphabet. He tried so hard to ‘read the letters’ up on the screen. Ashamed that I hadn’t yet taught him letters the little man struggled with his Ps and Fs.

Next Kingsley was handed over to the nurse’s station for them to administer the contents of various ampules into his eyes (he kicked, cried, traumatized and confused as to what was happening to him as three of us pinned him down). But he rallied quickly and gave his signature thumbs-up to us all that the sting had passed. Unfortunately a second round of drips followed an hour later. Three adults pinned his superhuman strength down. Hysterical crying ensued. Then calm.

Turns out Kingsley’s eyes have greater than 20/20 vision. Eye health is spot on for his age and as such we head home to chill.