23-07-17 Reading Corner

Sunday 23rd July 2017

These past two months (save for our fortnight in Phuket) we’ve allowed Kingsley to form a habit which is hard to break. That is, watching shows on the ipad over breakfast. He’s got his current favourites: Zack & Quack, Chloe’s Closet, various fairytales. I’ll be the first to admit feeding him his breakfast egg is significantly easier as he watches a beloved episode of the above. However I’ve become ever more conscious of his insistence upon waking for me to turn on the ipad so this morning I decided to break the habit.

As such this morning we went directly to the reading mat and here I chose books we’ve not yet read, showed them to Kingsley and began reading them in earnest. I liked the feeling this produced in both of us!

At one point I moonwalked to the kitchen for tea, laban and to get my messages only to return to this sight; Kingsley reading all on his own…