16-09-19 Kingsley: LEGO

Monday 16th September 2019

We’re together all day – me and the three babies – while daddy takes his final exams for the year to retain his flying license. So all three get bundled with the buggy out the door in record time to get Linus to school.

Our big 5 year old is hungry this morning. After waking up together he plants kisses on my cheek, excited that mumma is still in bed (me too!). And for his affection the child receives proper nourishment. Today’s breakfast consists of a banana, three eggs, one sausage and a yoghurt. Burp. No wonder he practically skips all the way to school.

Pasta after school which means Linus peak performs at jiu-jitsu. No mucking around, just skills on the mat. And for his good manners toward Sensai Raf, Kingsley gets to spend an hour building LEGO.