15-12-20 Twins: Granville Again

Tuesday 15th December 2020

Another awful trek out to Granville, another few hours lost in our collective lives while Kingsley goes to school. Thankfully the babies pass out en route, simultaneously, and that blessed hour of quiet means tonight they’ll go to sleep simultaneously too.

Keanu on the drive home from Granville loses his composure, crying and inconsolable. No bottle of milk or toy will help. And I’m not prepared to give him my phone. So I hand him a brand new and full tube of pawpaw ointment. Immediate silence, no more tears, and I turn back around to face the front and continue a rare adult conversation with Erroll. Silence all the way from Punchbowl to the Airport! Its a miracle! And turning to see what all the silence is about I’m confronted with a baby head to toe (and I mean every strand on his head plus eyelashes and all exposed skin) lathered in pawpaw ointment. Sticky and petroleum based this isn’t coming off with soap and water!! Elektra finds it hilarious.

An exhausted Keanu stays home this arvo with γιαγια getting fed while I take Elektra out and save all our sanity. Spider Park for a play, a poo, a wash and change before heading for a shop. She likes to feed me grapes one by one. And enjoys a natter though couldn’t decide who would sleep her tonight – mumma or μπαμπά? My turn tonight to sleep these two rascals. Timor Erroll resumes flying…and I’m a little bit sad.