03-06-19 Twins: Twinning

Monday 3rd June 2019

As cute as a button I dress Keanu in his daddy’s orange elephant motif onesie a good 40 years since Tina dressed Erroll when they were living in California. Elektra got to wear hand-me-downs as well in the form of a singlet given to Kingsley from Meraas well wishers, if memory serves me.

Both babies are a delight today; they come into bed with me while Erroll takes Kingsley to school, and coo. Their smiles are life affirming. That was during the day; nighttime was a different story. Elektra is stubborn/tenacious: hangs from my boob from the hours of 1:30am till we both wake at around 9am. Literally all night long. I look like a zombie. But the babies are bonnie…