14-06-17 Final Sunday Agios Nichölaos Beach

Sunday 14th May 2017

My mother’s day went something like this: 1) woken most reluctantly and from a deep sleep at 7:30am; 2) feed Kingsley an apple then try a banana which he spits out so I end up eating it; 3) JiaJia comes over from next door and these two enjoy breakfast al fresco on the balcony; 4) Erroll rings to wish me a happy mothers day (the faithful darling); 5) play, sing, paint, draw, read books even attempt some puzzles then give up and turn on YouTube. Knock yourself out, Kingsley. I’m done with ‘interacting’; 6) an hour at the playground with mate Maximus kicking the ball around; 7) feed him an ice cream while he zones out on the moving duck ride; 8) hop on the bus bound for Agios Nichölaos at 2pm; 9) spend 3.5 hours in and out of Aegean waters making friends and sharing picnics with Athenians; 10) proudly watch Dorøtheos make instant friends with little people such as Vasilăki and his sister Theodöra who happens to be the same age (born Dec ’13) only female and 7 kilos lighter than him; 11) amaze how confidence and a balanced mind gives Kingsley the will to approach a (gorgeous) paddle boarder, introduce himself and ask for a ride.

On the 2pm Saronītha to Anāvissos bus service

Scoring a ride with the broad on her paddle board

New mate Vasilăki at Agios Nichölaos beach

5 year old Vasilăki & dad Nick embracing Dorøtheos