12-12-17 Vaccinations Again

Tuesday 12th December 2017

4 – 5 year old vaccinations today!

Our little man has been fretting throughout the morning with each mention of ‘going to the doctors’.

He is convinced that needles will be involved (clever! Or just a strong memory from three weeks ago). Had to bullshit a bit to get him motivated ‘to come along to the doctors with Mummà & Ba-Bāh: that Doctor Shahid will look at your new teeth and measure you and feel your tummy…that’s all…’

Still a fair amount of trepidation walking in to the clinic (made better by the Tom & Jerry cartoon in kiddies corner), worse when the nurse came out calling his name, wincing as she led him for height (111.5 cm), weight (21kg) and temp (normal), fretful as he shook Dr. Shahid’s hand…but mellowed right down when the doc gave him thumbs up for good health.

Little did he know that in 15 minutes from now two nurses and both his parents will be restraining his fighting limbs as the flu vax booster and Diptheria triple vax are prepared for injection.

He CRIED THE CLINIC DOWN! !! Like we were subjecting him to torture!! Took 4 adults to pin him down for the jabs. It wasn’t at all the actual needles going in that hurt him; it was the KNOWING – his anticipating those bloody needles before hand – that spun him into a frenzied Incredible Hulk. Honestly so strong he kicked us all off.

But within minutes he’s smiling and thanking the nurses for ‘injecting soldiers into my blood to fight the microbes.’