01-09-19 Twins: Fathers Day

Sunday 1st September 2019

Our first fathers day as a family of five is a big affair. With Betty’s family over (including your two fourth cousins Christy and Will) plus Litsa’s two youngest Nicholas and Tianna, you two are held and fed, cuddled and fed some more. Most certainly you are not put down to rest. Abd you both miss a nap and boy oh boy do we all pay the price in the evening.

However up until the moment everyone leaves you’re both party animals with smiles on dials. The moment our guesrs go home we’ve got a Red Alert Meltdown in unison. First time its happened. Vow never to let you guys miss a nap!

Fathers day started peacefully though. After breakfast and your morning nap comes lunch. Once you’re both stuffed and changed we are out the door for a stroll on this glorious day. And a grocery shop – currently a favourite activity! We are shoooing for your first father’s day party the guest of honour of course being your daddy.