20-04-18 Bronte-Tamarama

Friday 20th April 2018

Its a road trip! Kingsley’s first (albeit up the coast to Bronte Beach, ha ha). But its in a convertible, and accompanying us is Louise McDonald’s fluffy pup.

We decide to ditch Coogee for once and explore the Bronte to Tamarama coastline. Its a first for us and Kingsley is a champion walker though dilly-dallies along the way collecting every single dandelion he spots. His aim is to pick every bloody dandelion and present it to Miss Louise.

By Tamarama Louise and I are ready for a stiff drink. Kingsley needs more than this walk…and the solution is right under our nose: the Tama Beach children’s playground. Yippee! And better still is the Café right there, beachside. Heaven.

Order Kingsley’s usual (hot chocolate in a take away cup) and ours, and for the next glorious hour we soak it all in…